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How to properly protect and use the engine in winter

In the long winter, vehicle equipment, especially the power system, is facing severe test.

In a cold climate, the engine is prone to start difficulties, increased fuel consumption, abnormal noise after starting, and inability to increase speed, and even serious engine failures. The main tips of correct maintenance and use of the engine in cold winter are as follows:

check the engine’s fuel

For diesel engines, the choice of diesel label is very important. Generally, the marking temperature of diesel fuel should be 5℃-6℃ lower than the ambient temperature, otherwise the fluidity of the diesel will be reduced. If the diesel is built up, it will not be able to supply sufficient diesel to the fuel system, causing the engine to stall or run weak.

Therefore,the diesel brand should be selected according to the local minimum temperature

  • Min temperature >4℃……………………………Choose No. 0 fuel
  • Min temperature >-5℃……………………………Choose No. -10 fuel
  • -14℃<Min temperature>-5℃……………………………Choose No. -20 fuel
  • -29℃<Min temperature>-14℃……………………………Choose No. -35 fuel

check the engine’s oil

During the use of the engine, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions in the operating instructions and select the original engine oil of Shangchai Diesel Engine of the corresponding grade and viscosity according to the local minimum temperature, otherwise it will cause poor lubrication and damage to the engine. For example, in areas where the minimum temperature is around minus 20 ℃, you cannot choose to use engine oil above 15W40

Check your anti-freeze

The anti-freeze can not only take away the heat generated by the engine, but also increase the boiling point of the cooling system. According to the freezing point, antifreeze is divided into -25, -30, -35, -40, -45 and -60. The user should make a reasonable choice based on the local minimum temperature. Generally, the freezing point of the antifreeze is required to be more than 10 degrees lower than the local minimum temperature, otherwise it will cause the engine block, cylinder head and other parts to freeze and crack

Engine startting

Be careful when starting a cold machine in a cold winter. If you cannot start it once, wait half a minute before starting and the starting time for each engine start should be within 10 seconds. Is it forbidden to start the engine continuously for a long time to prevent the starter motor from heating and burning.

Engine heating

In winter, when the engine is started in a cold machine, due to the high viscosity of the oil, it cannot reach the lubrication surface quickly, and there will be instant dry friction on some friction surfaces. At this time, the engine wears greatly.

Therefore, when the machine starts in a cold winter, the engine will run at a high speed if the throttle is sharply increased, which is very easy to cause the engine to pull the cylinder and burn the tiles. The correct approach: run at idle speed for 5-10 minutes, the engine oil pressure of the in-situ heating machine will rise to a normal value, the antifreezer temperature will rise by one household, and then lightly step on the accelerator to work with a small load, and then starting and walking the machine.

In the colder winter, the engine needs more care. As long as it is properly maintained and used, engine failures can be reduced and engine service life can be prolonged

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