904J-E36TA for Tractors


The 904 Series, 3.6 engine offers the perfect solution for frameless agricultural tractors - compact, powerful and quiet. Compact packaging including structural capability for front bolster and rear transmission, including twin balancers for operator comfort and rigid mounting; the 3.6 is the cornerstone of your tractor.

Our tight engine packaging combined with our compact aftertreatment is able to be mounted under the tractor bonnet. This enables tight turning circles and uninterrupted sight lines with no A-Pillar or battery box interference; the 904 Series enables less administration and easy logistics for the original equipment manufacturer.

Powerful, with excellent performance in power, peak and low speed torque, fuel consumption and transient response; the 3.6 has all the performance required including for downsizing from larger displacement engines for your tractor and your customers. A naturally quiet engine by design, your customers will be impressed with the noise and sound quality of the engine, making the 3.6 a natural choice for tractors used around livestock and noise sensitive areas.

Meets EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and Japan MLIT Step 4.